Chairman’s Message


In today’s scenario of growing energy needs and increasing environmental concern,
alternative sources of energy have to be instigated to put an end to continued use of non-renewable and environmentally hazardous fossil fuels. One such alternative and the most feasible source of energy is the sun.

Geographically India is located in the tropics and we receive nearly 20% more sunlight than many European and western countries who have adopted solar energy as their primary source to fulfill their energy needs.

If they can do it, why shouldn’t we? especially considering the fact that India is still struggling to meet its energy demands by exhausting the country’s natural resources and still finding it hard to provide viable and affordable energy to the masses. This is precisely the reason why Teslatronics™ would like to make its mark in the quest for India’s sustainable energy needs by predominantly focusing on harnessing solar.

We are sure that our endeavor to provide low-cost sustainable energy and quality solar products to the masses will bear fruit due to our unwavering commitment to social & ethical concerns of the community.

I personally assure you that our products are manufactured in our state of the art
manufacturing facility by well trained professionals using high quality electronic
components. Our professional team is indisputably capable and can facilitate a
transparent and professional approach answering any concerns that you may have.




Engr. Mohammed Ansari
Chairman & Managing Director