Independant Solar Consultation Services


The TAESol PowerTeam

Professional Solar Consultancy Services Division

We believe that solar energy has the potential to transform our world for the better high, and empower people. The world has embraced solar PV as the answer to meet the growing demand for energy. As prices have fallen and performance has increased, solar has quietly reached grid parity and now surpasses all forms of energy production in cost, reliability, minimizing impact on the environment, and eliminating carbon emissions that are widely believed to be the cause of disastrous climate change. PV Systems design, installation, and project development services could represent a substantial source of revenue for all industries, not just those directly involved with actual installations, but every support industry seeking to provide products and services as the solar PV industry develops.

The TAESol PowerTeam Professional Solar Consultancy Services Division offers marketing, business development, training and solar consulting services with customized solutions to drive solar adoption on business and industries on a contract basis.

Consulting Services for Organizations

  • Feasibility study including technical and financial feasibility
  • Solar advocacy and project management
  • Renewable energy curriculum design and review
  • Planning and design of hybrid renewable energy micro-grids
  • Developing solar training centers

Consulting Services for Individuals

  • Site evaluation for solar installations
  • Hybrid on-grid and off-grid design/installation supervision
  • Plan review for residential and commercial solar projects
  • End-user education

TAESol PowerTeam’s Solar Consultant Professionals provide expertise and advice to support Solar Projects all over world whether it is large or small.